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The PREMIER PLAYER APP allows players, teams, and recruiters to feature themselves and to search for one another. It is easy to use as all information is at the touch of your fingers on your mobile device! 

You can find the app at  or by scanning the QR code.

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A player profile, in combination with a highlight video, is an essential tool to be used in the recruiting process. 


  • Maintain your personal information 

  • Upload pictures and link highlight videos 

  • Search and communicate with your favourite schools

If you went to a information session with your club chances are you already have an account on the app. Your club would have given us the email address you used to register for the season. If you would prefer to use a different email address email us with the email you were signed up with and what you would like to change it to. For more information on setting up your profile view the FAQ.



A team profile conveniently assembles all of the individual player profiles to your roster and allows the Manager to:


  • Identify key team contacts 

  • Upload your team game schedule and location 

  • Monitor and support players to ensure their profiles are updated 

If you would like to add your team to the app click the button below to download a template.  Fill out the information. Send it to us HERE. We will set up a team account, a Manager account and profiles for all your players. Once everything is added to the App we will email you with more information about creating profiles for you to share with your players.


A recruiter can easily access team and player information at their fingertips. 


  • Provide contact information for your school 

  • Search for teams and players using a variety of filters 

  • Favourite players and make private notes directly on the App

If you would like to add your school to the app contact us using the button below.

Need to change your email address on the app?

Fill out THIS FORM and we will change it for you and let you know when it is changed. 

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