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We are a team of event and sport management professionals. For more than a decade we have refined our skills, developed our business, and connected with sport and event professionals to provide excellence in event management. We are currently the largest soccer tournament company in Canada, servicing more than 1,000 teams per year.

We offer a fully A la carte product and service selection. Our clients can choose a full service, turn key event package, or choose the specific services that meet their needs.

Our passion for events and commitment to excellence will reduce your stress and work load, allowing you and your participants to enjoy and take pride in your event.

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Sound organization and administration is essential to the successful execution of the event’s plan.

Setting up registration systems, collecting payments, communication with participants, suppliers, and other stakeholders are but a few critical factors in ensuring you run a smooth event.

Our team of skilled administrators live in this space all day, every day.

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Events can be an amazing experience for all involved; however, planning for their success can be an underestimated task.

Our team is experienced in all facets of event management. We own and/or operate some of the largest in Canada. We have learned, through experience, how important early strategic planning is.

As the adage goes…

“Failing to plan, is planning to fail!”.

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Whether paid or volunteer, your staff are the engine of your event. The right people, in the right roles ensures that your execution is flawless, resulting in a better overall experience for participants.

We have access to a large number of talented event staff, in many different areas.

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If your event involves participants from out of town, managing your accommodations is critical. This involves having enough variety of hotels, by price and quality to offer your attendees. This makes their travel planning easier, which gives them more confidence to attend.

In addition to service, there may be untapped partnerships with hotels and tourism agencies which can generate revenue streams for your event.

Our staff books thousands of room nights annually. We have strong connections with major hotel brands and we use a software platform to manage the process.

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While events can be fun for planners and attendees alike, in most cases they operate on very tight budgets. If budgets are not set or the financial plan is not managed, events are generally not sustainable.

We understand that financial management is essential and our staff are experienced in areas of revenue growth, such as writing proposals for grants, sponsorship programs, etc.… We also have effective cost control strategies to ensure that the financial performance of an event is optimized.

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One of the most underestimated aspects of event management, is knowing what goods and/or services you need to deliver your event and where to access it.

We work with a number of suppliers who understand the event space and can service you without breaking the budget.


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Another often missed opportunity is the ability to provide or sell merchandise. The importance of offering souvenir apparel should not be overlooked. Your attendees may be looking for something to commemorate their participation in your event, while you get to build your brand and generate revenue though the sales of apparel that reflects your brand.

We have our own in-house merchandising company (True North Originals). We don’t bring in a third party – we in fact own the company.

We have the ability to make your logos and create an online store for pre/post event sales, along with having the ability to bring our production to your event and sell items on site.

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Capturing your event through pictures and video has become a major trend. There are so many uses for the content, but knowing how to capture the right moments and getting the best finished product is a specialized skill.

We work some of the most creative and talented photographers/videographers in the industry. They will do everything from creating your plan, to capturing content, to finished production and editing.

In addition, we have our own in-house company (Game Day Video) that has an inventory (16) of artificial intelligence cameras that we can use to film your sports games, without the requirement of a human operator. In addition to providing content for you to use, there is a revenue potential by selling game footage to participating teams.

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In a digital world, your website and social media presence is becoming increasingly important. Establishing your brand, engaging with your audience, and amplifying your story can be critical to the ongoing success of your event.

You will have access to our in-house and contracted professionals to build or enhance your your story online.

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If you are currently or planning to run an event or series of events on a recurring basis, creating a brand strategy that is supported by event collateral (tents, flags, signs, etc.) can really differentiate from your competitors and will set you apart.

We can assist in building your brand though logos and colours and bring it to life with our relationships with companies who supply branded product that you can use to decorate your event.

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We have our inventory of items that are helpful in supporting the delivery of an event.

Things such as:

  • Tables & Chairs

  • Tents

  • Table Covers

  • Inflatable arches

  • Wind Sails

  • Team benches

  • Sandbags

  • Radios

  • Golf Cart

We can deploy a significant inventory of these things and more.

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While you always hope medical services are not needed, the reality is a large event will likely require them at some point. Many cities and your insurance underwriter may require you to have medical services in attendance.

We can create your emergency action plan and our network of medical professionals and athletic therapists can be scheduled to attend to support your event.

We can help!

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