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                  PREMIER EVENTS is Canada’s largest soccer event company providing experiences for more than 1500 teams annually. 


We operate: 

  • Tournaments 

  • Recruiting Events (Showcases, ID Camps, Combines) 

  • Leagues 


We offer full service event management, including:  

  • Staffing (administration / operations) 

  • Registration, scheduling, and hotel management software

  • Sales/marketing

  • Sponsorship engagement 

  • Website design 

  • Procurement 

  • And much more! 


We have also made significant investment in critical areas to support delivering the best events. 


Through our other brands we provide: 

Whether you attend one of our events, or you want us to assist in managing yours, we guarantee you will have a premier experience. As long time participants and attendees in events around the world, we have learned best practices from some of the top event managers. We understand that the time and financial commitment from those attending is not insignificant and we expect that all participants and spectators leave with a smile on their face and looking forward to the next Premier Event! 

Stainless Steel


2021 SX Cup Crop.png

The SX Cup Series 

The SX Cup Series is Canada's largest tournament series. The SX International Cup, happens each Labour Day weekend in the Metro Vancouver area and hosts over 400 teams from all over North America.

The SX Spring Cup is the third week in June and wraps up the Spring Season in Metro Vancouver. Each year 250 teams join us for the SX Spring Cup. 

The SX College Showcase has now been rebranded under the Premier Showcases name - Each Easter Weekend 200 Tier 1 & Tier 2 teams join college coaches/recruiters from all over North America in this world class showcase.

Look for a new SX Cup event coming Fall 2022.

B.A.R Sports Academy 

B.A.R. Sports Academy.png

B.A.R. stands for BEYOND ATHLETIC RECRUITING. We look at the entire person, not just the athlete, to best position them to not only be recruited, but to achieve success on and off the field.  This is the foundation of the academy. 

The B.A.R academy classes are online, interactive, and presented in a live e-learning environment from expert educators and mentors. This model gives student athletes access to many leading professionals from all over the world, from the comfort and convenience of their personal environments. 

The B.A.R App - lets soccer players feature their profiles and connect with soccer coaches/recruiters 

TNO Black Letters.png

True North Originals 

We are a Canadian branding and apparel company that focuses on bringing pride, along with a sense of inclusion and accomplishment to your event. We are in the business of making you and your people look and feel great! 

We provide end to end service for your event. From logo and art work preparation, to sales and marketing support, through the production and distribution of your completed items, We do it all. Risk and hassle free! 

Our staff provide a complimentary consultation to discuss your event and follow up with a proposal to detail timelines, roles and responsibilities. Once the proposal is confirmed, a more formal agreement is signed and your apparel program begins.

Game Day Video shadow.png

Game Day Video 

GAME DAY VIDEO uses A.I Automated Cameras to record your games. Pixellot cameras do all the work and automatically track and record game play. 


We offer tournament packages if you want us to handle the cameras for your events as well as camera rental for your club, academy or event. 


Premier Soccer Events 

Our First event, the Premier Spring Showcase formerly know as the SX College Showcase will run April 15th -17th 2022 in Surrey & Burnaby, BC 

The Premier Spring ID Camp will run April 18th 2022. 

Both are the first of many Premier branded events coming in 2022. Looks for more events and more information coming shortly 


Premier Events 

We are here to help you with your events. We can offer everything from camera rentals to pop-up merchandise shops to event management and staffing. We are here to help you as little or as much as you need.